A Guide to Help Kids to Learn to Talk and Communicate

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Communicating and listening, both verbally and non-verbally, starts at the moment when the child is born. There are even some experts who believe that these skills have start developing when the child is still inside the womb of the mother. Whatever the truth really is, you should constantly talk to your baby so that he or she can become a good communicator and listener.

Listening can be hard to learn. In fact, even adults become impatient when it comes to listening sometime and this is mostly because they want to be heard rather than to listen. If this continues, they will develop an ineffective communication process because they will always be talking and they will take less time listening thus, no respect is being given. To avoid this from happening, here are some things that you should understand to help your children learn to talk and listen effectively.

About Communication and Listening

Listening mainly includes hearing and understanding the sounds around you and this is a key factor for an effective communication. It is an act of giving the speaker you focus and attention so that you can respond accordingly and intelligently. This is the true essence of showing respect to the person who is talking to you. For the babies or the kids, they should learn how to listen effectively to their parents for them to know what’s right from wrong and what’s good from bad.

Through effective listening, communication will begin to develop by responding intelligently to what is heard. With these things being said, communication will never be effective without the presence of listening. Communication is not about speaking or talking only but also hearing and understanding what others have to say. For parents, you should learn how to listen to the important non-verbal way communication of babies such as laughing, smiling and most especially crying.

When Does a Child Learn To Talk and Develop Communication Skills?

It is advisable that you should communicate with your baby immediately right after birth. The baby will most likely communicate with your through facial expressions or by crying. By listening to these non-verbal gestures, you will be able to connect with your baby deeply. By listening to them as they grow, they will also learn how to listen to others effectively.

From birth to aging 3 years old, you will be able to observe that your child’s communication and listening skills will rapidly develop. This happens through contact with parents, siblings and other people, and also by the use of toys and even books.

Always listen to the child even if their first attempt of communicating may sound silly. Even if you are just sitting with your child, walking with them, bathing them, changing his or her diaper, talk them about certain things. You should always remember that as a parent, your child loves to listen to your voice and try to understand your words.

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  1. Slim

    Glad I saw your blog!

  2. Annabel

    I agree, talking to your kids is so important with child development! If they have older siblings, that helps too, and I’m sure it’s mostly because the siblings spend more time talking with them than adults do. Toys can help, but nothing beats contact with a real human being!

  3. Everett

    My kid is two and one half years old and only says a couple words like momma, doggie and such. He is an only child, no other kids. Where can I get some help with teaching him?

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