Toy Engines and Trains: A Timeless Gift for Children of Any Age

Toy engine

Nothing is as timeless as that first toy train you received as a child. This is why toy engines and train sets continue to grow in popularity decade after decade, and why they are always the perfect gift at any time of year. So, if you have a little boy to buy a present for (or even a big one), consider some of the many options available in the toy train genre.

For young boys, or any child, really, because girls like them too, toys trains come in a variety of different materials and sizes, and in a pretty vast price range. You can choose from plastic toy engines to exquisitely detailed metal versions that are really more suitable for adults. Nevertheless, they are still train sets, and kids love them.

Some of the most popular toy trains are those sold in track sets with multiple cars and easy to use track systems. Those tracks which interlock easily and which are confined to a specific space are the best types for young children, while older children may enjoy the complexity of the more realistic, yet harder to put together versions. Here’s a fun video showing a track system that seems to cover its owner’s whole apartment:

Young kids also really love the table-top style sets like those made by KidCraft and other notable brands, which sit in almost a raised sandbox-style type table. This allows young kids to maneuver around the sets easily and play with them without injuring themselves, stepping on the toy engines, or losing pieces.

Additionally, many sets have a large felt fabric base with “tracks” and other features – like train stations and bridges – instead of actual tracks and accessories, to make it easier for toddler playtime.

Toy trains are also themed, just like other types of toys and sets. For instance, you can purchase entire sets that are: Batman themed, featuring Gotham City and other features; Thomas the Train themed, featuring the adorable character Thomas from the popular books, movies, and television shows; and even the “Polar Express” set, which is a great gift to gift during the holiday season because of the Christmas theme it represents.

Garden trains miniature railway engineOf course, entire train sets that come with their own table tops or extensive track systems can get a little pricey, but there are always options for those on tighter budgets that make children’s eyes and smiles get just as wide. If you are on a budget, consider smaller toy trains to start, or perhaps just a toy engine that comes with a few accessories. Children have vivid imaginations, so either way they will love their gift.

Toys trains and toy engines really just a fantastic gift for everyone. As your young child grows, so will their taste in toy engines and train sets, but it rarely leaves entirely. For older kids of all ages, the options are virtually endless for creating your own little rail system with very detailed pieces. So, whether you are just looking for a baby’s first toy engine to play with in the bathtub, or whether you’re ready to purchase an entire themed set to really make your child’s face shine, you really can’t go wrong by purchasing a toy train or set. Check them out, and you may end up wanting a set of your own, too.

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  1. Serena

    It’s not just boys who like trains. I had a train set and I loved it. I loved to make things for it, too.

  2. Adriana

    Where can I get a train like in the picture?

  3. Declan

    They are cool, aren’t they? I guess you have to search around a little.

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