5 Best Tips for Storage for Toys

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All of us, especially parents and grandparents, really love to provide kids with toys. Other than toys providing them with fun and excitement, play also helps them to learn and improve their skills at the same time. Rather than worrying that you may have a messy home if you give your kids a lot of toys, try these best tips for storage for toys to easily prevent this problem from happening.

1. Match the Size of the Toy to the Storage

There are various kinds of storage available for toys with different sizes. Several people are only putting all toys in just one big container but you should know why this is not a good idea due to several reasons. The first reason is that the child will not be able to easily get and play the toys which are on the bottom of that container and they can easily forget about it. Another reason is that the child may decide to empty the whole container which gives you more work to do. To avoid this from happening, keep small toys in small containers and big toys in big containers to keep them in a more organized way.

If your child often plays with things that have many pieces, like Legos, you’ll want to keep those in a box of their own so they are easy to find.

2. Safety Concerns

If you are planning to install a toy storage in your child’s room then you must first know about some safety concerns. You should avoid hard-to-operate containers and sharp edges especially for toddlers. You should also avoid hanging containers because your child may get caught up in them.  These safety concerns are important if you still have toddlers.

3. Use a Rotation System

If you do not have that much space for your child’s toys, using a rotation system would be a good idea. To do this, store a first set of toys away in one storage area and just keep the rest out so that your child can easily play with them. If you notice that they are getting bored with the toys which are not in the storage, swap these toys with the toys which are in the storage. You can also put more toys into storage when the big gift-giving season is approaching, so they have plenty of space to play with the new toys that you’ve bought them.

4. Creative Storage Solutions

Another great idea is to put the toys in shelves that will show off their toys such as stuffed animals. You can also use hooks to hang your child’s favorite toys. By doing this, you will be able to maximize the wall space and believe it or not, this will remind kids that they should put the toys back where it came from when they are done playing.

5. Don’t Keep Too Many

The best tip for storage for toys is to limit the amount of toys that you have in the house. You can try to count the number of toys that you have already bought and limit them to a certain number that your storage can handle. If your kids already have a lot of toys, you can sell or donate some of them especially those that your children aren’t using any more.

Comments (3)

  1. Juliana

    It’s like everything, you need to declutter from time to time. The problem is getting your kids to allow you to throw stuff out.

  2. Susette

    When you declutter you can hold on to the toys secretly for a while. Then see if the kids ask for one of them

  3. Valerie

    We have a “one in, one out” policy. For every new toy a kid gets, one has to go out. It doesn’t matter how he gets the toy – gift, buys it himself, whatever. That’s the rule and it works.

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